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Moorhead Facilities

While we are most proud of our compassionate and highly competent, dedicated staff, we are also extremely proud of the facilities we offer. Aesthetics matter in funeral service, and you will notice that our funeral home has a special feeling to it....light, airy, open, with great attention to detail. Built in 1960, and designed by a local architect in the prairie style, the building was recently completely renovated and professionally decorated.

A plan that was already fairly open and spacious was made even more so. Using a warm, calm and relaxing color palette, we have created an environment that puts people at ease. Quite the opposite of the somber space you may have come to expect from a funeral home. A tour of our space will reveal an interesting collection of original art works by well known regional artists, and a very unique historical photo gallery.



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Our spaces are very flexible and can be staged for any kind of event or reception you may desire. With the addition of our Crosses Gathering Space in 2012, we are able to serve meals and refreshments. Our chapel can accommodate 190 people with the ability to stream services into our Crosses Gathering space which allows us to accommodate an additional 100 people.

Our building is on a quiet side street, surrounded by a large amount of free parking. You are more than welcome to stop in and ask for a tour at any time.